What do you think about fishing?

11 /19 2017
My favorite sport.
Because I was a boy who loved sports I experienced baseball, athletics, gymnastics, karate, judo, wrestling, basketball, soccer etc. from when I was a little kid. One day when I was either the second or third grade in high school I decided to make my own living by boxing. At that time, I was playing soccer though.
When I think back on it now, I might have liked sports as a means of making a living or as a profession but might not like sports itself. That's why I am not interested in sports at all now.
But, wait just a minute please. Remember fishing is also a sport, isn't it?
Oh yeah, that's right, I love fish!
Oh no, no, I like fishing very much. Which one?
I’m not going to have offshore by a fishing boat to capture lots of big fish but dropping a line into the sea at a breakwater leisurely to catch something I can eat if I can get luck. Is it a sport? Can you say that it is really sports?
Who do I fight with? Fishy?
If I’m lucky, I pack my dinner in a cooler box and go home and even if I'm unlucky, I refresh my mind. That's a good sport, that’s my favorite!


A first experience.

09 /11 2017
It's been a while. How about these days?
It is already the beginning of autumn as the complete summer has passed.

Btw, you guys are shopping online maybe. Yes, me too. I frequently use Yahoo auctions and Amazon.
However, I’d never sold it.

It was a gift novelty, but since I had the same stuff I tried to exhibit it at Yahoo auction.


First of all, I examined that how much was it If I were to buy similar things on the internet.

I decided to sell it from 1200 yen at Yahoo auctions because it was sold at about 1300 yen to 6000 yen,

For some reason, the auction period was two days, but there were five bids and it was decided at 1600 yen.

But since the shipping fee is 1120 yen separately, the total is 2720 yen.
And the money was remitted to my account deducting the system fee.

After that, I bought packing materials with Costco, carefully wrapped it and carried it to a post office. So, I went to a website with my smartphone and displayed a barcode and when it was read by the barcode reader of the post office, a destination was printed on a label. That's it when I just paste it.

It seems that the buyer was satisfied because he evaluated that it was very good.
I was also good.

I got summer vacation.

08 /04 2017
I will concentrate on studying bookkeeping during the summer holidays because I have nothing to do anymore if I write a report within this week.

But I went to fishing yesterday.
It was cool, comfortable and enjoyable for Ninomiya coast after a long absence.
IMG_5668 (1)
A Yellowtail and ten of small sized Sphyraenas lined up at the table for lunch.
Since the fall semester is from September 21, I have plenty of time and have to accomplish something though.

The teenage days.

07 /02 2017
When I think of it now that I was powerful and there was nothing scary to me at that time.
And I wanted to leave my parents as soon as possible and live alone in the city.
Of course I didn't have the money and the experience, but, I thought I would be able to become the world champion of professional boxing because I had the physical strength, the faith and a few good friends. That's why I came up alone to Tokyo from Hokkaido, so I practiced in a boxing gym while working as a dishwasher at a restaurant.
It was painful that I could not enjoy it like ordinary young people because of boxing practice and work for living and physical condition management, but I think that was also a valuable experience.
At that time, Yoyogi Park in Harajuku was overflowing with dancers, rock 'n rollers, roller skaters and youngsters playing wall tennis. On Sundays when the practice was off, I would go to see them after work alone. Things around me seemed too vivid and I thought I was so boring and envied them very much. And time I felt was very long for me. So I never imagined myself after several years later.

What will come?

06 /18 2017
I think that the social media is one of the necessary things these days. Probably Facebook will occupy a large proportion among various social media, especially in Japan. Compared to media type like newspapers, the social media are only providing a platform for people voicing out their opinions, and they have different roles to newspapers in the press therefore the Guardian’s article seems to make just sarcastic about Facebook.Guardian
As they imply Facebook seems to be doing commercialism and palliative things, but the root they most respect is the freedom of speech but though Facebook seems to be an incarnation of commercialism. Maybe they won’t concern no matter what about Holocaust denial is or where refugees go or what immigrating Muslims will be. It's good for Facebook that everyone does something like singing a song, dance, cry, laugh and fight on their own each other and business to let Facebook make money. Surely Facebook extremely might make sense because they never send out anything and they only let someone speak to something freely. So then they never add.
They are trying to grow with full power for surviving. As radio stations and television stations are dying by emerging new media, then newspapers and even Facebook will change to something new.
The actual influence of language exchange within social media will be greater than I personally think. It certainly makes me terrified when I think that Facebook is accepted and available in China. It is also conceivable that tens of millions of users maybe drag up the Japanese slaughter in the Nanjing incident and condemn it endlessly. In that case, will the Japanese government block Facebook? And will moderators be instructed to delete them in order not to do so?
The Guardian would be sneering to mock it. It maybe goes on forever.
Well, let me predict that the Facebook’s moderator will be over ten thousand people.
Does Mark Zuckerberg notice before doing that, or is he already aware of it? Maybe so.
I do not want to leave the media to the incarnation of commercialism, they invented though, because the existence of media that anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyone can be used for anything is the proof of freedom, but now I may leave it to Facebook right.
Will those various problems, including human rights issues, go on forever, as long as there are humans, or end up some day? Will humans eventually become one and those be in the process of understanding?

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