What do you think about fishing?

11 /19 2017
My favorite sport.
Because I was a boy who loved sports I experienced baseball, athletics, gymnastics, karate, judo, wrestling, basketball, soccer etc. from when I was a little kid. One day when I was either the second or third grade in high school I decided to make my own living by boxing. At that time, I was playing soccer though.
When I think back on it now, I might have liked sports as a means of making a living or as a profession but might not like sports itself. That's why I am not interested in sports at all now.
But, wait just a minute please. Remember fishing is also a sport, isn't it?
Oh yeah, that's right, I love fish!
Oh no, no, I like fishing very much. Which one?
I’m not going to have offshore by a fishing boat to capture lots of big fish but dropping a line into the sea at a breakwater leisurely to catch something I can eat if I can get luck. Is it a sport? Can you say that it is really sports?
Who do I fight with? Fishy?
If I’m lucky, I pack my dinner in a cooler box and go home and even if I'm unlucky, I refresh my mind. That's a good sport, that’s my favorite!


The teenage days.

07 /02 2017
When I think of it now that I was powerful and there was nothing scary to me at that time.
And I wanted to leave my parents as soon as possible and live alone in the city.
Of course I didn't have the money and the experience, but, I thought I would be able to become the world champion of professional boxing because I had the physical strength, the faith and a few good friends. That's why I came up alone to Tokyo from Hokkaido, so I practiced in a boxing gym while working as a dishwasher at a restaurant.
It was painful that I could not enjoy it like ordinary young people because of boxing practice and work for living and physical condition management, but I think that was also a valuable experience.
At that time, Yoyogi Park in Harajuku was overflowing with dancers, rock 'n rollers, roller skaters and youngsters playing wall tennis. On Sundays when the practice was off, I would go to see them after work alone. Things around me seemed too vivid and I thought I was so boring and envied them very much. And time I felt was very long for me. So I never imagined myself after several years later.

“Careless Whisper” by Wham in 1984.

05 /13 2017
Hi there.
How have you been? What is your favorite song?
What I rarely listen to music these days might be that I don’t need them anymore.
Why? Is it to be old? No. I don’t know.
Therefore, my favorite song is the most frequently ever heard the song “Careless Whisper” by Wham in 1984 anyway.
I had lived in Los Angeles alone from February to September 1985. I was young.
I was staying in a shared house that a Japanese elderly couple had been running and the first thing I bought was a yellow radio cassette recorder. I loved to listen to the radio.
Probably the song might be the most popular music at that time.
Whenever I turned on the radio, somewhere in the radio station would be broadcasting Wham’s one like crazy.
Anyway, I had been hearing it over and over again so I memorized the song though I could not understand the meaning of its lyric.
But of course, now I know it.

It is a story like that a man is regretting cheating. Poetically it’s not so cool I think.
Whatsoever, Wham’s Careless Whisper was a great success, maybe, around the world.
Of course, it was a big hit in Japan too, and two Japanese singers, Hiromi Go and Hideki Saijo each other, covered the song and released it too.
Then time went by, George Michael of Wham passed away 25 December 2016.
So just Last Christmas.

A Great Morning!

04 /22 2017
This photograph is the sunrise of the Umezawa Coast of Ninomiya-
machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture at the morning in April 16.
Because the sunrise was at 5:08 I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and went out
at 3:30. I ordinarily would see the first sunrise of the year here, but
I did not come this new year.
There are those who enjoy a barbecue and swim in the sea and fish here. Of course, it is in summer that they swim.
To tell you the truth, this is a well-kept secret probably I think.
Do you like fishing?
There is the wharf which, sticking out from the shore, called
“Umetei” where you might catch sardines or girellas or black porgies
or mackerels or various kinds of fishes.
Whatever I may say, parking is free there.
And within about 300M at the wharf there is National Route 1 that
runners run up for “A New Year Ekiden”.
So I watch the Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden race almost every year.
It is an annual event for me.
But what the heck! Our University could not entry it only for this time.
That’s why I did not go to see it.
Except at the moment of the first sunrise of the new year there are not
many people who come here.
As I can go by car from my home within an hour, it is very convenient for me.
I'll be there tomorrow morning.


03 /30 2017
Hi. What’s going on?
Cherry blossoms have begun blooming! Spring has finally come.
The best times to visit (full bloom) will be around next weekend.
That sounds great!

By the way, I participated in a "Foreign hospitality language study volunteer lecture"the other day.
The lecture was about 4 hours. And I had Group discussion and Role-playing in the lecture and learned the correspondence to a foreigner.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans this lecture for the purpose of foreigner visiting Japan making Environment which can stay in peace by bringing up language study volunteer for 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

I got a certificate of registration. "May I help you?"

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