03 /30 2017
Hi. What’s going on?
Cherry blossoms have begun blooming! Spring has finally come.
The best times to visit (full bloom) will be around next weekend.
That sounds great!

By the way, I participated in a "Foreign hospitality language study volunteer lecture"the other day.
The lecture was about 4 hours. And I had Group discussion and Role-playing in the lecture and learned the correspondence to a foreigner.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans this lecture for the purpose of foreigner visiting Japan making Environment which can stay in peace by bringing up language study volunteer for 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

I got a certificate of registration. "May I help you?"


After a long time.

03 /18 2017

Hello everyone! How you doing?

Hay fever was severe yesterday too, so I was a hard day.

But the sunshine on the way back from school was warm and made me feel spring, somewhat warmed, I wanted to drink beer. Somehow.

I stopped drinking liquor on August 15 of the last year. Then another seven months have passed.

Though it was waste to buy beer, I bought Premium Malts after a long absence in a supermarket.

I tried to drink a sip. Then the sweet immaturity of the hop spread in my mouth, and a mellow bubble passed throat.

Wowwww delicious!
It was super delicious!

I wondered that it sometimes may be okay to forgive myself.

But for the time being I will not drink.

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