The teenage days.

07 /02 2017
When I think of it now that I was powerful and there was nothing scary to me at that time.
And I wanted to leave my parents as soon as possible and live alone in the city.
Of course I didn't have the money and the experience, but, I thought I would be able to become the world champion of professional boxing because I had the physical strength, the faith and a few good friends. That's why I came up alone to Tokyo from Hokkaido, so I practiced in a boxing gym while working as a dishwasher at a restaurant.
It was painful that I could not enjoy it like ordinary young people because of boxing practice and work for living and physical condition management, but I think that was also a valuable experience.
At that time, Yoyogi Park in Harajuku was overflowing with dancers, rock 'n rollers, roller skaters and youngsters playing wall tennis. On Sundays when the practice was off, I would go to see them after work alone. Things around me seemed too vivid and I thought I was so boring and envied them very much. And time I felt was very long for me. So I never imagined myself after several years later.

Marcle Seagull

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In April, 2016. Entering a university I'm a sophomore now.