A first experience.

09 /11 2017
It's been a while. How about these days?
It is already the beginning of autumn as the complete summer has passed.

Btw, you guys are shopping online maybe. Yes, me too. I frequently use Yahoo auctions and Amazon.
However, I’d never sold it.

It was a gift novelty, but since I had the same stuff I tried to exhibit it at Yahoo auction.


First of all, I examined that how much was it If I were to buy similar things on the internet.

I decided to sell it from 1200 yen at Yahoo auctions because it was sold at about 1300 yen to 6000 yen,

For some reason, the auction period was two days, but there were five bids and it was decided at 1600 yen.

But since the shipping fee is 1120 yen separately, the total is 2720 yen.
And the money was remitted to my account deducting the system fee.

After that, I bought packing materials with Costco, carefully wrapped it and carried it to a post office. So, I went to a website with my smartphone and displayed a barcode and when it was read by the barcode reader of the post office, a destination was printed on a label. That's it when I just paste it.

It seems that the buyer was satisfied because he evaluated that it was very good.
I was also good.


Marcle Seagull

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