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I did quit drinking this summer.

10 /14 2016
Is it that one week or two weeks around the Bon Festival
generally we say is the summer holiday?

Becoming a college student in this spring I was expecting
this summer vacation to be long and fun for some reason.
However, while I was struggling with term exams, the vacation
came vaguely and naturally regardless of the preparation in
my mind.

So there was nothing special, it was like as usual.

Almost every day I tried the accounting practice
exam from 8:20 through to 11:30 and then studied book
keeping until evening at the library.

I also attended the TOEIC intensive classes
Sept. 1st through Sept. 13th. So the summer days went by.

An event worthy of special mention is that I visited
my parent's home in Hokkaido for the first time in four
years, due to attending my junior high school alumnae and
alumni reunion that took place at a hotel in my home town.

I had the first experience of such a party because I was
struggling to survive in the real world and have been
working year in and year out since graduated from high
school many years ago.

It has been a long-awaited reunion for a long time,
ever since I had heard about the reunion information
early last summer.

78 people attended. Those who I met for the first time
ever graduated from school were over 50. I had to be
reminded many times who is he or she.

Those who could not recall me were few and those
who never meet again were sixteen. Oh dear!

People say that time flies when you're having fun.

The 1st party started at 15:30, the 2nd the party and,
before I realized, the 3rd party ended at the break of dawn.
I had to get on board a flight at afternoon, we broke up
making a promise that we would meet again.
Indeed, I had drunk enough to feel I had enough.
Taking this opportunity, I decided that I would never drink
again, having drunk every single day for many many years.

Firstly, I think that college students must not drink at all,
as well as smoke.

The next eleven days, I had a terribly bad headache all
day long.It continued for three days.
I heard it may be the onset of withdrawal symptoms of
So that means that I might have been an alcoholic.
Now I've not drunk a drop for 60 days or more.

I've gained more time to study because of having no bad
impact from drinking and it's healthy for my body and
friendly to my wallet.

I've changed my lifestyle from this summer.
That might be good!!




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