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“Careless Whisper” by Wham in 1984.

05 /13 2017
Hi there.
How have you been? What is your favorite song?
What I rarely listen to music these days might be that I don’t need them anymore.
Why? Is it to be old? No. I don’t know.
Therefore, my favorite song is the most frequently ever heard the song “Careless Whisper” by Wham in 1984 anyway.
I had lived in Los Angeles alone from February to September 1985. I was young.
I was staying in a shared house that a Japanese elderly couple had been running and the first thing I bought was a yellow radio cassette recorder. I loved to listen to the radio.
Probably the song might be the most popular music at that time.
Whenever I turned on the radio, somewhere in the radio station would be broadcasting Wham’s one like crazy.
Anyway, I had been hearing it over and over again so I memorized the song though I could not understand the meaning of its lyric.
But of course, now I know it.

It is a story like that a man is regretting cheating. Poetically it’s not so cool I think.
Whatsoever, Wham’s Careless Whisper was a great success, maybe, around the world.
Of course, it was a big hit in Japan too, and two Japanese singers, Hiromi Go and Hideki Saijo each other, covered the song and released it too.
Then time went by, George Michael of Wham passed away 25 December 2016.
So just Last Christmas.



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